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I am often asked why I only date girls here in London. Sure, I know that I could easily jump on the train and pick up some hot girls in London, but do I really want to. Not only would they cost me a fortune, but I have this funny feeling that they would not give me the same personal service as the girls in London. After all, I am one of those guys who are more into hot outcalls than in calls, and all of the girls at London escort services are happy to come back to my place.

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Crystal is one of the hottest girls at London escorts services. I love my blondes and she is one of the hottest and sexiest blondes that I have ever met. The first time she came in through my door, I could not believe my eyes. As she slipped that little coat of hers of very slowly, I could see a pair of nice legs and my eyes also caught a glimpse of a pair of lacy stocking tips. The rest of our evening together was pure magic and I loved it. Now, I try to meet up with Crystal as often as I can.


Nettle is another hot offering from London escorts. Dating brunettes is not something that I have always been into, but I am now seriously getting into meeting up with hot and sexy brunettes. Out of all of the sexy brunettes at London escort services, Nettle is probably the most attractive girl of them all. She has long brown hair, and I love the fact that she is a bit cheeky. There is no way that I would date any other brunette at the agency.


Now, if you have a hankering for Black beauties, you should check out London escorts services as well. The girls who work for this agency are some of the hottest Black babes in London and I have had some amazing adventures with them. The do like to date gents of all creeds, so you don’t have any worries there at all. I am sure that you will appreciate many of the Black babes that can be found at the agency. And if you have never dated Black beauty before, this is the ideal place to start.


Many gents still do not make the most of their local escort’s services. I confess, I used to pop into London to meet hot girls, and I really thought that this was the only way to go. Now, I prefer to date the local girls here at London escorts services. It is nice to sit at home and wait for an exciting little package to be delivered to you on a Friday or Saturday night. I love it and there is nothing better than having a good time with the girls from London escort services when the mood takes you. I love my girls at the agency, and I am sure that many other gents in the area feel the same way.


He does not pay me any attention any more

My boyfriend does not pay me any attention as I am not with Wandsworth escorts anymore. We actually met when I was still working at the agency, and he got really excited when I became his permanent girlfriend. This was before I decided to leave the agency,and do something different. I had five years in escorting and I had enough. Well, anyway, I am glad that we have not moved in together.

When I was still with Wandsworth escorts of, my boyfriend wanted me to move in with him. He was telling all his friends that he had this really hot girlfriend who worked as an London escort. He did at the time, but perhaps he should looked at the person a bit more. A lot of guys think that escorts are blonde bimbos but that is not true at all. I am not a silly girl at all and since coming to London, I have achieved a lot in my life.

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To be fair, I am glad that I did not move in with my boyfriend. I know that he clearly wanted to have a hot live in girlfriend, but there was lot more to it than that. Now I know that he is really struggling to pay the mortgage on his flat and has spent a lot of money on credit cards. As a matter of fact, I think that he only wanted me to move on in, so that eh got some help with paying bills. That is not for me at all, I don’t own his flat at the end of the day.

I had been with Wandsworth escorts for three years and I really wanted to do something different. In many ways, I had achieved what I wanted to achieve. My flat was all mine and I had some money in the bank. It was time to move and do something different. I actually think that my boyfriend is a bit jealous of the personal freedom that working for Wandsworth escorts services has given me. It is not like I am tied to anybody’s apron strings.

For the time being, I am working in the Lego store here in London. That may seem strange to you, but I love Lego. Not only that, but I speak French really well as my mum is French. Companies like Lego are always looking for people who speak different languages. The basic pay is not to great, but I do get a lot of commission. If you like, it is not that different from working for Wandsworth escorts. I looked at that as my own business and I do the same thing here at the Lego store. Is this guy really worthy of being my boyfriend? I don’t think so and I think that I should concentrate on Lego for a while. I really enjoy doing what I am doing at the moment, and I don’t feel that I need the hassle of a boyfriend. Honestly, I think that I have had enough of men for a little while.

Are men becoming too feminine?

The other day when I was doing some shopping before I started my shift at London escorts, I came across this guy who was just too feminine. He was walking down the street in his skinny jeans and a bit of make up. To be honest, he did nothing for me at all and I am not sure that I could ever go out with a guy like that. He looked more like a pretty boy than anything else, and it totally turned me off. Some of my colleagues at charlotte escorts services say that they like it, but I don’t find it attractive at all.

When I stop and think about it, I would like my men to be men. So many guys these days are beginning to look like girls that it turns me off. I am not sure what they are trying to achieve, but something is going wrong here. One of my friends who works for a male London escorts service says that a lot of ladies tell him that men are becoming too feminine, so it is not only me. To be honest, there are days when I would rather date a guy from a charlotte London escorts service than a guy that I have chatted up in a bar. They are ten times more attractive than most of the guys that you can meet in bars these days.

I can’t understand why some men think that they should wear make up. At London escorts, I have never dated a guy who wears make- up but it is becoming more and more common when you go out in bars to find guys with make up. It is like they are trying to look a bit more glam, but it is not working out for them. I think that most girls would be put off by a guy wearing make up unless he

was gay. Why is this happening, and do ladies find it attractive?

One of the girls that I work with at London escorts have got a boyfriend who wears make up all of the time. She says that she finds it attractive and she likes the fact that she has something to share with him. Surely, she could find something else to share with him. So far, she is the only girl that I know at London escorts who has got a boyfriend who wears make up all of the time. Clearly it turns her on, but I have seen a lot of girls looking at him kind of funny. I know exactly how they feel.

Skinny jeans is the other thing. They do look funny on a guy but I can’t put my finger on it. When I was shopping in Zara with a friend from charlotte escorts recently, I noticed that their male line is getting slimmer and slimmer. The jackets were tight and so were all of the trousers. Could it be that we are being steered into a certain direction? I think that we are and many men are falling for it. The other day at charlotte escorts, this gent turned up in a very slim fitting suit. It made him look very feminine and I actually thought that he was gay at first. He turned out to be straight, but he had me going for a while. No, I think that guys should ditch the skinny jeans and the make up.

Tips for Better Sex

When you work for an escort’s service such as London escorts, you are always being asked for tips for a better sex life. I don’t know all of the answers but I do that there are a couple of points that are really important. We don’t really pay enough attention to our sex lives and I think that is a shame. The other day I realized that I had not made love to my boyfriend for a few days and it really worried me. We had both been so busy that we had not really seen each other.

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I think that time is the biggest problems. Here at London escorts we do a lot of shift work. Most of the time that clashes with the schedules of our partners and that is when you don’t get the time to get together. They say that absence makes the heart go fonder but I am not sure that it is true at all. My boyfriend gets really frustrated when I am not with him and that does not really lead to better sex. When we finally get together it feels like it is over too quickly. Such a very romantic moment when you have these kind of event.


We do need to allow for time. I also think that the art of seduction is important. Whenever you go to a club these days there does not seem to be a lot of time for slow dancing. My mom told me that she used to spend a lot of time slow dancing with dad. I must admit that a lot of the more senior gents that I date at London escorts seem to miss slow dancing as well. It is that touch thing and being turned on slowly, I think that all women need that and I love dancing.


Eating can help you to seduce somebody as well. I date a couple of gents at London escorts who are really into fine dining. I have noticed that eating with them is always a pleasure and it is a bit like being seduced slowly. The food they order is always of good quality and I think that is really very important. When I come home, I often try to recreate that atmosphere with some good food for my boyfriend and myself. It makes such a difference when it comes to dessert.


Another tip for better sex is to be sensual. Don’t just rush into bed with each other. I think that a lot of people make that mistake. I always say to my gents at London escorts that they should turn the lights down a little bit and just have a chat to their partners over dinners. Most women find that a total turn on and I think that it can improve your sex life immensely. Do I always follow my own tips? I try to but nobody is perfect at the end of the day. I wish I could be super sexy all of the time, but it does not always work out for me.


Talking to some of Luton Escorts

My parents split up recently says Fiona from Luton escorts, and it really upset me. At the same time, my sister who has been in 10 year relationship with her partner broke up. It was a really tough month but I got some brilliant support from Luton escorts from All of my friends at the agency were really great, and I appreciate that I have some super friends here at the agency. I would love for my parents to get back together but I don’t that is going to happen. To be fair, they had not been getting a long for a long time.


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I have to say that my sister and her partner really shocked me. They seemed to be getting on so well when they split up and I do think their separation was a bit not called for. Many of my friends at Luton escorts new them as well, and they were all surprised. My sister’s partner got a really good job in the US, but my sister did not want to move with him. Most of my friends here at Luton escorts thought that my sister acted a bit over the top. Surely, she could have tried living in the US for a few years.


Moving on from a 10 year relationship is not easy, I would have to say that I would not want to go through the process. A few of my friends at Luton escorts have split up with their partners, but none of them have been together for a few years. Splitting up and moving after 10 years will be a totally different ball game. I am pretty sure that I would find it difficult to handle. I was talking to some of my friends here at Luton escorts about it, and they said it is like starting all over again for both parties.


My sister and her partner had a really nice house, and that is going to be sold. It is strange, but my sister seems really detached from everything. My friends say that it is down to shock, I am sure it probably is. I wish I was a bit less busy at Luton escorts, so that I could take my sister away for a while as it might help. The problem is that a couple of our escorts here at Luton escorts have moved back to Poland, and it is not so easy to find new girls.


I think that my sister had made a huge mistake and she is going to miss her guy. However, she says that she does not want to move abroad. The place she would have been living in, sounded quite nice and was just outside San Fransisco. I am sure that her ex will have a good time, and perhaps being in another country will help him to move on. I am happy here at Luton escorts and I am not planning to go anywhere, but I would have loved to live in California to see what it is like.