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Tips for Better Sex

When you work for an escort’s service such as London escorts, you are always being asked for tips for a better sex life. I don’t know all of the answers but I do that there are a couple of points that are really important. We don’t really pay enough attention to our sex lives and I think that is a shame. The other day I realized that I had not made love to my boyfriend for a few days and it really worried me. We had both been so busy that we had not really seen each other.

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I think that time is the biggest problems. Here at London escorts we do a lot of shift work. Most of the time that clashes with the schedules of our partners and that is when you don’t get the time to get together. They say that absence makes the heart go fonder but I am not sure that it is true at all. My boyfriend gets really frustrated when I am not with him and that does not really lead to better sex. When we finally get together it feels like it is over too quickly. Such a very romantic moment when you have these kind of event.


We do need to allow for time. I also think that the art of seduction is important. Whenever you go to a club these days there does not seem to be a lot of time for slow dancing. My mom told me that she used to spend a lot of time slow dancing with dad. I must admit that a lot of the more senior gents that I date at London escorts seem to miss slow dancing as well. It is that touch thing and being turned on slowly, I think that all women need that and I love dancing.


Eating can help you to seduce somebody as well. I date a couple of gents at London escorts who are really into fine dining. I have noticed that eating with them is always a pleasure and it is a bit like being seduced slowly. The food they order is always of good quality and I think that is really very important. When I come home, I often try to recreate that atmosphere with some good food for my boyfriend and myself. It makes such a difference when it comes to dessert.


Another tip for better sex is to be sensual. Don’t just rush into bed with each other. I think that a lot of people make that mistake. I always say to my gents at London escorts that they should turn the lights down a little bit and just have a chat to their partners over dinners. Most women find that a total turn on and I think that it can improve your sex life immensely. Do I always follow my own tips? I try to but nobody is perfect at the end of the day. I wish I could be super sexy all of the time, but it does not always work out for me.


Talking to some of Luton Escorts

My parents split up recently says Fiona from Luton escorts, and it really upset me. At the same time, my sister who has been in 10 year relationship with her partner broke up. It was a really tough month but I got some brilliant support from Luton escorts from All of my friends at the agency were really great, and I appreciate that I have some super friends here at the agency. I would love for my parents to get back together but I don’t that is going to happen. To be fair, they had not been getting a long for a long time.


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I have to say that my sister and her partner really shocked me. They seemed to be getting on so well when they split up and I do think their separation was a bit not called for. Many of my friends at Luton escorts new them as well, and they were all surprised. My sister’s partner got a really good job in the US, but my sister did not want to move with him. Most of my friends here at Luton escorts thought that my sister acted a bit over the top. Surely, she could have tried living in the US for a few years.


Moving on from a 10 year relationship is not easy, I would have to say that I would not want to go through the process. A few of my friends at Luton escorts have split up with their partners, but none of them have been together for a few years. Splitting up and moving after 10 years will be a totally different ball game. I am pretty sure that I would find it difficult to handle. I was talking to some of my friends here at Luton escorts about it, and they said it is like starting all over again for both parties.


My sister and her partner had a really nice house, and that is going to be sold. It is strange, but my sister seems really detached from everything. My friends say that it is down to shock, I am sure it probably is. I wish I was a bit less busy at Luton escorts, so that I could take my sister away for a while as it might help. The problem is that a couple of our escorts here at Luton escorts have moved back to Poland, and it is not so easy to find new girls.


I think that my sister had made a huge mistake and she is going to miss her guy. However, she says that she does not want to move abroad. The place she would have been living in, sounded quite nice and was just outside San Fransisco. I am sure that her ex will have a good time, and perhaps being in another country will help him to move on. I am happy here at Luton escorts and I am not planning to go anywhere, but I would have loved to live in California to see what it is like.


Am I too Much for Him?

I have been going out with this guy for a couple of months, but I am not sure that he has enough stamina to keep up with me. It is not only the fact that I love to have fun in bed, it is also the fact that I am a very active person. When I am not working for London escorts of, I like to have fun in many different ways and some of them are a little bit on the extreme side. The fact that I am into extreme sports seem to worry my boyfriend a lot.

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Sky diving is something that I took up a few months ago. A friend of mine at London escorts was training to do a sky dive for a charity, so I started to train with her. Not only was the instructor really dishy but I got turned on by the fact that I liked the idea of sky diving. If you like, it was a complete sense of freedom and that is what I really liked about. You jump out of the plane and just let the elements take over.

When I told my boyfriend about my passion for sky diving, he looked really worried. He said that it was not the sort of thing that he would fancy doing at all. I can understand that but at the same time I think that people should be prepared to let in a little bit of fun in their life. It is good for us and can make our lives a lot more exciting. My boss at London escorts think that I am crazy as well but I cannot help that. Perhaps I am a little bit crazy but I actually like the thought of that.
Sky diving is just one of my hobbies. It costs a small fortune to keep my hobbies going so I have to work hard at London escorts. One of the guys that I date at the escort agency, introduced me to para gliding. It was a complete dream date and it really thrilled me. Now we go para gliding together and that is another hobby of mine which my boyfriend thinks is a little bit nuts. It may not be the safest sports in the world but it is one of the best ones that you can do if you like a bit of a thrill.
Could it be that I am an adrenaline junkie? Most of the gents that I date at London escorts say that I am excited all of the time. To be honest, that is probably true. I am a rather excitable person and I have always been like that. There is no way that I can see that changing in the near future. Some girls just like to chill out with a glass of wine. I think that is nice as well but I could not do it all of the time. You really do need to introduce some exciting into your life and that is what I do when I go sky diving or para gliding. Both things give me an energy boost and that makes me feel really sexy.

Health benefits of holidays with Chelmsford escorts

I love having holidays, and I am sure that most of the other girls at Chelmsford escorts agree with me. Before I worked for the escort agency, I used to go to places like Spain and stuff like that. It was great, but now when I have a bit more money, I like to travel a little bit further afield with my friends. Of course, going on holiday has a lot of health benefits as well and I am sure that we could all do with those.


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The first thing about holidays is that that they get you out of London. The air quality in London is terrible at the moment, and a couple of the girls at Chelmsford escorts suffer from asthma. That is one of those health conditions that can make you feel really tired. But once the girls are away from London, they start to feel much better and find that they have more energy. That is just two of the health benefits of going on holiday.


Going away somewhere sunny is really good for your skin as well. I love to take holidays where there is a nice warm sea, and you can be out in the sun. The Caribbean is the best place for that. Some of the girls at Chelmsford escorts swear by Mexico, but I don’t really like Mexico. I have been once and thought it was really horrid. The beaches were full of seaweed and a lot of violence as well. I never felt safe when I was Mexico, and I am pretty sure that I will not be going back there.


Mind you, not everything has to be about beach holidays. This year I am off to the States with a couple of girls from Chelmsford escorts. We thought that we had better go and see the place before it goes nuts with Donald Trump in charge. One of the best ways to see the United States is by car, so we have rented a car and we are planning to do a lot of driving. The first tour will be to San Francisco from Los Angeles, and after that we are going to do a train journey into the Napa Valley.


How far in advance do I plan my holidays? When I have an hour or so to spare at Chelmsford escorts, I often surf the net and try to find places where I would like to go to. I don’t have a bucket list at all, but I like to go to Japan. Above all I think that holidays help you to relax. It is just a way of getting away from all of the hassle of living in a big city like London. Once you start to relax, you start to broaden your horizons. That helps a lot and I think that it gives you another outlook on life. Having a new outlook on life can be a real health benefit. I always feel lighter after I have been on holiday with friends from the escort agency.


Healthy Breakfast Options with Dartford Escorts

Working for Dartford escorts can be kind of hard work at times, and it is hard to keep up your energy levels. When I first started to work the nigh shift at Dartford escort services, I found it really hard to keep my energy levels up. But then I started to treat my evenings as the morning instead and I found that really helped. I was able to bring my energy levels back up and enjoy some really good dates. It took me some time to come up with that idea, but I have to say that I would recommend to all girls who work as escorts around London.


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One of the best things that you can eat for breakfast is to make yourself scrambled eggs. Personally, I really do not like toast so I never have scrambled eggs on toast. Instead I may have it on a big mushroom instead and I think it taste delicious. When you stop and think about it, you soon understand that scrambled eggs can be turned into a really healthy option. You can add cherry tomatoes for instance and there are several spices that you can add as well. Sometimes I make scrambled eggs for one of my gents who always seem to be hungry when he comes around to Dartford escorts. He just loves it.

Another thing that I really like is porridge or oatmeal. It gives you tons of energy and is so good for your waistline as well. I love it and I could actually eat it several times per day. A lot of people make it with milk, but I like to make it with water. Instead of having milk with it, I often opt for hazelnut milk or almond milk. Also, I add lots of other things to it like fresh berries and even dried fruit. It is so good for you and can keep you going all day at Dartford escorts.

Some people think that I am not into bread at all, but I love bread. The only thing is that I will not eat things like supermarket bread. I like really rough bread and it has to be topped up with something like cheese, meat and tomatoes. That way you make the meal into a complete food and it will take you a little bit longer to digest it. In fact, I often find that I am less hungry when I eat breakfast based on bread and cheese.

Some of the gents that I date at Dartford escorts, do not eat very well at all. When I ask them what they eat for breakfast, I am often horrified. I surprises me that so many gents think that a cooked breakfast is good for them. Of course, a lot of the gents that I date at Dartford escorts live on their own, and I suppose it is not always easy for them to make their own breakfast. Single men still seem to survive on takeaway food and junk food, and I keep on wondering if that is ever going to chance. To be honest, I don’t think that they really want to change at all. I blame their moms for not showing them how to cook or even look after themselves.