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3 Reasons Why Sex is Important in a Relationship

Escorts know that sex is important in a relationship, and there are many different reasons why sex is so important. Escorts often form bond with dates and bonding is factor behind happy long term relationship.

Of course, there is more to long term relationship and marriage, and escorts appreciate that as well, Trust is an important factor as well, and sometimes we take our sense of trust into the bedroom with us. Many couples who have been together for a long time have learned to trust each other sexually as well as emotionally. Long term lovers might enjoy experiences like bondage and it is important to be able to trust each other during a bondage session.

Paddington Escorts will never try to upset a long term relationship but many escorts believe that sometimes they do have something to add to it.

Perhaps escorts would make the perfect relationship specialists.

How important is sex in a relationship?

It is difficult to say how important sex is in a relationship but the importance of sex should never be underestimated. If, we take sex out of a relationship that relationship is at risk of becoming less loving and caring. However, there are a few factors which really influence a long term relationship.


Sex is an important part of intimacy and of course all escorts appreciate that. We love being touched, stroked and caressed which helps us to relax. Intimacy also makes us feel wanted on a very different level. Some people call it carnal knowledge but in fact it is much more than that,

It is a way of sharing feelings and emotions which cannot be put into words or easily described. It is just a feeling, a sensation that makes us feel good.


When we have sex and enjoy it, certain feel good hormones are released into our bodies. Hormones like serotonin make our brains work better and also make us feel good.

Another hormone which is released is called cortisol. Cortisol helps to support our immune system, and keep us healthy. It is also highly anti-inflammatory which makes it useful when it comes to lower responses to disease. Patients who masturbate when in hospital often recover quicker as cortisol is released when you experience an orgasm.


Stress can be a real killer but sex can be a very effective against stress. Good sex gives the heart some excellent good quality aerobic exercise, and can help to lower blood pressure.

Sex also gives our arteries a workout by stretching them and increasing blood flow. After sex the morphine like hormones are released into the body which make you relax and deal with any pain the body might be feeling.

It is funny but we often forget that sex has some health benefits. Perhaps doctors should be telling their patients to go home and enjoy some more sex instead of handing out prescription after prescription.

Sex does not only benefit us on a pure physical level, it benefits us mentally as well. The right kind of sex helps us to be better people, and cope better with minor every day problems which can upset us.

Sexually attached

On different occasions there things that comes in, out from your control. Parties will lead something that you never expected to happen. There are decisions that will arise out of the blue. But the question is ready for this? Surprises really amaze people. It comes in unpredictable situations that nobody can notice it. This is the same thing when it comes to sex. There are situations that you will fall into amazement. There are couples found out their selves not enjoying sexual act at the middle of the encounter. It really surprises you two. But worry no more for there are certain boosters made for this kind of condition.

Sex not only feels good. It can also be good for you. Once you have a very active sex life you have lesser sick days. The fact that people who has sex has a higher level of antibodies against germs, viruses, and other intruders. A couple times a week having sex with your partner will increase your antibodies. These are the antibodies that will protect you from getting into colds and flu. Sex also increases blood flows which lower the chances of heart attacks, strokes, and other heart related problems.   It also regulates hormone levels which give a bigger benefit especially to women. Sex can relieve headache, calm nerves, give better sleep, reduces risk on prostate cancer, and reduces risk on breast cancer. Those are the health benefits than we can earn from having sex often as we can.

Having good sex life status doesn’t mean you don’t need anything to make your body healthier. This is just a factor to a healthier lifestyle. To make it balance you need to eat right, stay active, get enough sleep, keep up with vaccinations, and use condoms to ensure your safety from sexual diseases.

Integration of Sex & Religion

Although sex and spirituality are often treated as very separate issues, and even understood to be in conflict in many societies, including U.S. society, we believe that sexuality and spirituality are natural and intersecting parts of human being’s lives and that for many people sex is deeply spiritual. The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance understands that sexual freedom and freedom of religion are both fundamental human rights, and that neither one can negate the other.

Our culture needs a sexual ethic focused on personal relationships and social justice rather than particular sexual acts. All persons have the right and responsibility to lead sexual lives that express love, justice, mutuality, commitment, consent and pleasure. Grounded in respect for the body and for the vulnerability that intimacy brings, this ethic fosters physical, emotional and spiritual health. It accepts no double standards and applies to all persons, without regard to sex, gender, color, age, bodily condition, marital status or sexual orientation. Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing from the Religious Institute.

Porn industry leaders join Web crusade against the Stop Online Piracy Act

Opponents of the Stop Online Piracy Act just received a few x-rated allies.

Free porn websites, such as Youporn, Pornhub and Tube8, have taken up the cause against SOPA with banners on their sites encouraging people to visit the American Censorship website.

The bill “modernizes our criminal and civil statutes to meet new IP enforcement challenges” and provides law enforcement agencies the “tools to protect American intellectual property from counterfeiting and piracy,” according to the Committee on the Judiciary website.

Last week, thousands of users voiced concerns across pretty much ever social media platform possible, most notably Twitter, Tumblr and Canvas. On Reddit, in particular, dozens of posts have cropped up asking people to sign a White House petition challenging the bill, call their local representatives, and educate themselves.

With that level of support, it’s no surprise to see thousands of people praising the multibillion-dollar-porn industry for their anti-SOPA sentiments. In one Reddit post today, which has collected about 100 comments and more than 1,040 upvotes, redditor ThomasJefferson69 called the people behind these sites “pornpatriots.”

“Porn has always been an industry that reacts very harshly to any twinge of censorship. Being that their industry is inherently offensive and objectionable to some people, they’ve always had a very staunch first amendment slant,” wrote sevendeadlyninjas. “Some people hate the industry, but free speech isn’t a matter of some/a few/most/all people agreeing or disagreeing one way or another. That’s the free part.”

Most of the other commentators in the thread were far less poignant and instead expressed outrage over the threat of losing their free porn.

“They may take away our freedom, but they’ll never take our FREE PORN!!!!” wrote yousless.